So you copied your competitor’s hiring approach... and all you’ve gained is headaches.

There has to be a better way.

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We Have a Different Approach

Break Hiring into Two Parts

Sourcing & Screening

We will proactively create a consistent flow of pre-screened, qualified applicants for your jobs.

Interviewing & Negotiating

You can log in when you are ready to hire and jump directly to conducting interviews with qualified candidates!

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How It Works

We Will:

  • Write Your Job Ads

    Our experienced team will write optimized job ads using innovative, high-volume recruitment strategies.

  • Post Your Job Ads

    We will post your open positions across thousands of top-performing job boards and social media sites.

  • Refresh Job Ads

    Your job ads will be refreshed by our team every 15-30 days to ensure they appear at the top of all major job boards.

  • Screen Applicants

    We will automatically screen out unqualified applicants so you only have to view those that meet your specific requirements.

  • Highlight Top Candidates

    We will highlight the best candidates and move them to the top of your list.

So You Can:

  • Review Top Candidates

    You will be able to log in at any time to see the shortlist of your best applicants.

  • Pick Your Favorites

    From these applicant lists, you'll be able to identify your favorite candidates with potential.

  • View Assessment Scores

    Reviewing pre-employment assessment scores will help you in predicting future performance.

  • Conduct Audio/Visual Interviews

    From your hiring portal, you'll be able to easily conduct automated audio & video interviews.

  • Text Top Candidates

    Sending text messages from our system to your top candidates will help you to easily schedule interviews with your applicants.

  • Use Interview Questions Guide

    Use our interview questions guide to conduct amazing interviews.

Hire Incredible Talent
Without Breaking a Sweat or the Bank

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“We have been satisfied so far with ApplicantPro, it has taken the burden off of me and we have been getting a steady list of applicants. Thanks So Much!”

- Justina

City Plumbing Services, LLC

“I would go on record as saying that you have produced more qualified candidates in 3 weeks than I received in 3 months with Indeed and Zip Recruiter.”

- Hank

All County Exteriors

“We are very happy so far. You guys have really delivered on your promise. I have more great applicants every day! Wish I had found you sooner.”

- Jeremy B.

President of Mikes Plumbing