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Seek Perfect Processes Instead of Perfect People

Hey there,

A lot of clients come to me frustrated with employees who don't do their jobs perfectly.

They want to hire "perfect" candidates only.

One example is a client who needed their admin to schedule meetings for them.

After a few mistakes in inputting the information (name, phone number, address), this business owner was ready to fire the admin and try to hire someone better.

They specifically asked that we help them find a candidate that has "perfect attention to detail".

The problem is…

No one is perfect! Mistakes happen! That is just part of life.

The impact of trying to hire "perfect" employees means you are probably…

-scaring off or passing up really great candidates

-creating a tough work environment

-firing really great employees

I hate to break it to you but…

You can't force people to be perfect.

What you CAN do is fool-proof your processes, so your employees can succeed and you can have more options when hiring!

Here are a few alternative solutions that I offered to the client mentioned above… 

1. Make sure the admin’s official process includes “double-checking the appointment booking” and “read the information back to the client before setting the appointment”. 

2. Try integrating google maps into the booking form to ensure the address exists.

3. Have the admin send a copy of the form to the client and ask that they let you know if they notice any errors. 

There are so many more realistic solutions that you can implement into your processes rather than demanding perfection in candidates!

Overqualified employees are hard to come by and "perfect" employees simply don't exist.

Rather than finding a purple unicorn when hiring, try adjusting your process to better fit your HUMAN candidates.

If you’d like any help or advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We’d love to help you start reaching your hiring goals today!


-Ryan K

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