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Major Hiring Issues? Time for Some Major Changes.

We've seen so many clients throw money at job boards (because they think it’s an easy fix) and fail to succeed. Real success comes from making hard changes.

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Have You Tried an Apprenticeship Program?

Employers, if you have been failing to hire and keep experienced employees, an apprenticeship might just be your magic hiring (and retention) solution!

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Seek Perfect Processes Instead of Perfect People

​​Trying to hire “perfect” employees means you are probably passing up great candidates, creating a tough work environment, and firing great employees.

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How to Find Applicants for Free

Employers tend to focus on trying to get more applicants from job boards, however, where they need to focus their sourcing is within their own company.

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How to Get Noticed on the Job Boards

Struggling for better engagement on job boards? Spending more money on your job ads won’t help them stand out in your industry. Spending more time on SEO will!

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No Time to Dedicate to Hiring?

Tired of hiring pains? At ApplicantPro, we can streamline and manage your hiring process for you so you can successfully hire without using up all your time!

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How Sending Rejection Letters Can Help Your Business

Send rejection letters! Sending a rejection letter isn’t more likely to potentially create a bad reputation for your company… not sending a rejection letter is.

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We Can Help You Filter Out Unqualified Candidates

Don’t waste any more time on applications from unqualified applicants. Our hiring system filters candidates for you! Tell us your dealbreakers and we screen for them.


How To Get No More No-Shows!

Asking specific questions with a hiring assessment can weed out candidates who may be more likely to be no-shows and help employers decide who to interview/hire.